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The best ideas are often the simplest and the most profitable

From an initial view, Purple Fizz and the mobile bar business may seem easy to replicate. There may be similar business models, but there is nothing out there nearly as refined as Purple Fizz. Which is why we are seeing repeat business over and over again. Our model quickly builds a strong customer base because of our unique processes and systems.

What separates Purple Fizz from other events businesses is our execution.

Where Purple Fizz as the market leader excels, is in the execution of our business. We drive the perfection of detail and being the best at customer service, reaping the reward of repeat and word-of-mouth business. Our own bespoke marketing and CRM systems utilise the latest technology to support our flawless interaction with our clients and works hard to support clients in choosing a Purple Fizz experience. We provide a whole lot more, quicker and better.

Included in the franchise package

Complete initial training and ongoing refreshers

New business generation

Ongoing administrative support

Limited competition in a growing market

Social media management

Hands-on support and growth management

Bespoke CRM, Marketing, Social and Business Management System

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