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Our clients often ask us for two proposals upon their enquiry with us. The first is for a ‘Dry Bar Hire’ option whereby we provide all the bar equipment and staff needed for the service and the client provides the drinks, ice, sundries and other consumables. The other is for what we call our ‘Full Service’ where we literally take care of everything including the drinks, ice, fruits, garnishes, sundries and other consumables etc. Clients then have the opportunity to weigh up both options and consider the cost and benefits of both.

So which option is best for you?

It really depends on whether you want to save time, stress and hassle or save money. If you want to achieve the former, go for the full service; but, if looking after every penny counts, the dry service might suit you best.

We’ve listed the key benefits for each to help you decide what’ll work best for you…

FULL SERVICE | We provide everything

  • TIME SAVING | All items cannot be found in one place; but, as we take care of procuring your full bar stock, you won’t need to waste time ordering and collecting from various locations.
  • NO HASSLE OPTION | We provide EVERYTHING! Spirits, syrups, fruits, garnishes, ice, napkins, straws, garnish sticks. All those things you might not even think of. It’s handled and you don’t risk forgetting anything.
  • BE AT YOUR OWN PARTY | As we are fully responsible and self-contained, we won’t be interrupting you to get more ice or finding those extra beers you bought, giving you more opportunity to fully mingle and be in the moment with your guests.

DRY SERVICE | You provide all drinks, ice, fruits, sundries etc…

  • COST SAVING | It’s always going to be cheaper to get your ingredients direct from a wholesaler or a supermarket; but, be mindful that you will have leftover stock that will either be opened or perishable that cannot be returned. This can sometimes defeat the object of cost saving.
  • MORE MENU CONTROL | You might want total control over the drinks that are served at your party; for example, micro-brewery beers, top shelf whiskey’s etc.

We really hope that this blog along with your proposal costs can help you determine which option is best for you; but, if you do need any further guidance please do get in touch. We’d love to share our knowledge and experience to help you.

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