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Since the 17th century, the popularity of Gin in England as a beverage has soared. Today we stroll down the spirit aisle in the supermarket dazzled by a magnificent collection of elegant tinted bottles, bejewelled and acquainted with dainty rope ties and foil embossed tags. This past decade really has been all about gin and gin cocktails.

In order to really enjoy a gin, it’s important that your gin of choice is paired with the right mixer and garnish to give the individual flavours an opportunity to blend and sing in harmony, as they touch your taste buds. Most laymen’s don’t know where to start and why should they? You can’t know everything! It’s our job to know about pairing gins and we’re going to share our knowledge with you…


  • GIN | Gin tends to fall under one of four main flavour categories and these are herbal, floral, fruity and spiced.
  • MIXER | As far as pairing gin with a mixer goes, you can really add any mixer providing the flavours complement each other and are not too overpowering. One overpowering flavour will dilute the other beautiful flavours that your gin has to offer.
  • GARNISH | Adding the right garnish is essential to support and shine a light on the flavours in your gin and the tonic.
  • GLASSWARE | Your chosen style of glass really is down to personal preference; but, a gin balloon glass is sure to catch attention. Alternatives are the hi ball and the rocks glass.



Bombay Sapphire Gin
Double Dutch Cucumber & Watermelon Tonic.
Thin lemon peel.

Opihr Gin
Fever-Tree Indian Tonic.
Baby red chilli.

Tarquin’s Gin
Thomas Henry Elderflower Tonic.
Dried violet petals.


Gin Mare
Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic.
Mango wedge.

Death’s Door Gin
Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic.
Sage leaves.

Napue Gin
Thomas Henry Tonic.
Cranberries & a rosemary sprig.


Martin Miller’s Gin
Fever-Tree Indian Tonic
Pink grapefruit wedge & basil leaf.

Tanqueray No.TEN Gin
Fever-Tree Indian Tonic.
Large grapefruit peel.

Four Pillars Gin
Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic.
Orange slice and a rosemary sprig.


Hendrick’s Gin
Schweppes Tonic.
Cucumber slices.

Bloom Gin
Fever-Tree Elderflower Tonic.
Chopped Strawberries.

Makar Glasgow Gin
Dr Polidori Cucumber Tonic.
Thin green chilli slices.

Shortcross Gin
Fever-Tree Indian Tonic.
Orange peel & mint sprig.


Thank you for reading this blog. If you would like some assistance when it comes to gin pairings, get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

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